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Different Applications of SPSS to Learn for Writing Perfect Assignment

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a software that is used in the analysis, management, and documentation of statistical data. Developed by SPSS Inc. to edit and analyze all types of data, this software is now acquired by IBM. Initially meant for social science, SPSS is now widely used in different fields by the researchers who are involved in data mining, market research, health research, education research, and performing a survey.


Students pursuing degree and diploma courses in statistics have to learn this software to analyze and manage data and handle various statistical problems. To test their knowledge of the subject, their professors often give them SPSS assignments. However, due to insufficient subject knowledge, lack of time management skills, tight submission deadlines, and various other issues, they fail to complete their assignments. Since students can’t afford to lose precious marks, they reach to various SPSS assignment help services and submit flawless documents to their professors.


If you are facing similar challenges, but don’t want to take online writing assistance from professionals, then you should first understand the different applications of SPSS. Here we go.


Various Applications of SPSS


  • Data Collection and Organization

SPSS is often used by researchers to collect data. The data entry screen in SPSS is somewhat similar to screens in other spreadsheet software. It allows you to enter variables and quantitative data and then save the file as a data file. You can also organize your data in SPSS by giving properties to different variables.


  • Data Output

After you collect and enter the data into the datasheet in SPSS, you can make an output file from the data. This will allow you to take the graph or table directly from the data output file from SPSS instead of recreating the whole table or graph.


  • Linear Regression

By using SPSS, you can find the relationship between the explained variables and other variables in linear regression. Statisticians and researchers also use this software package for the predictive purpose as it helps in finding the value of the dependent variable in a regression equation.


  • Statistical Tests

SPSS is widely used to run statistical tests as it has all the most commonly used statistical tests built-in to the software. Hence, you don’t require to solve any mathematical equations by hand. When you run a statistical test on SPSS, all associated outputs are shown in the data output file.


  • Bivariate Statistics

SPSS program software can also be used for testing of hypothesis in any data. By using it, you can get the ANOVAs of any data as well. SPSS can also be used for conducting other tests, such as t-test, correlation, parametric, and nonparametric tests.


  • Cross Tabulation and Descriptive Statistics

SPSS has various tools that can be used to get more information about any data that is input into it. These include amongst others range, mean, median, mode, and also ratio statistics.


  • Factor Analysis

Another application of SPSS is to predict and identify groups, such as factor analysis, cluster analysis, and discriminant.


So, these were the different applications of SPSS that you must know in order to nail your assignment writing task.


As discussed above that statistics students often find it challenging to draft an assignment on SPSS due to lack of subject knowledge and poor skills to manage time. Here, are a few more reasons behind this.


Difficulties Students Face While Composing SPSS Assignments


  • Conceptual Understanding Is Not Clear

Since statistics is an unconventional field of study, the understanding of the concepts is not clear among students.


  • Lack of Proficiency in Programming of the Computer

Not all scholars are well aware of the programming of the computer. Since they have too many responsibilities to handle altogether, they don’t get sufficient time to become proficient in it.


  • Insufficient Knowledge of Mathematics

To understand the graphical representations, students should have a good knowledge of mathematics. Proficiency in maths would also help them analyze the statistical data.


Summing Up All


Students enrolled in statistics courses should learn all the applications of SPSS to write good assignments and get straight A’s in them. Also, they should try to overcome all the issues that they face while composing an SPSS assignment.



SPSS is a software package widely used to analyze, manage, and classify statistical data. This article brings you the applications of SPSS that are important to learn if you want to ace the assignments.


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